Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Busy Day On Political Front for Breweries.

It is a busy day today on the political front for breweries. On the national level we have the House Small Brewers Caucus. You get more info about that at the Brewers Association website. Basically they are asking Representatives to learn more about the small brewers.  There is even a letter you can copy and paste, fill in the blanks and send to your Rep. At stake is reduced taxes for small brewers on production. Reduced taxes give us an opportunity to reinvest into our business and grow it. Learn more about that here.

Next on the Texas front there is the push to allow off-premise consumption sales for breweries. We are asking to be treated like a winery in this aspect. This is being met with resistance from distributors. You can get more info on this issue from Open The Taps.

So what is really at stake? The growth of business, small craft brewers to be exact. Contact your Reps and Texas State Sen. today!