Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brewing equipment cont.

As I said in my last post you will need to get some equipment to start brewing. You can go online and get most or you can shop your local stores for items. One such item is your boiling pot.

Your boiling pot needs to be stainless steel or enameled lined. I recommend a pot that has a capacity that is a little larger than the batch you are boiling. They are usually measured in quarts, so remember 4 quarts equal 1 gal, if working with 5 gal batches a 22 quart stock pot will work perfectly.

These pots can be purchased locally at your nearest store. I have found inexpensive stainless steel pots for around $40 - $50. Enamel pots will be a little cheaper.

These pots are referred to as "stock pots". This reference is based on that fact that these are used to make stocks, boiling of beef or chicken bones, soups or stews in large quantity.

The use of aluminum pots can lead to a bad taste in your beer, so I have been told. Copper pots do the same, this is what gives some beers a different taste. If one batch is brewed in stainless and another in copper they may have a slight difference in taste, but there isn't any real evidence of this. So use your best judgement.

This is a stainless stok pot.

An enamel stock pot.


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