Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brewing Equipment

There are many places to get your brew equipment from online. If your lucky you might have a local place to buy from as well. Here are a couple of places I have found :

You can also find equipment off of E-bay, but compare prices before you buy. Look at shipping costs, you might find a great price but pay way too much in shipping! I have seen shipping easily double the price.

Take your time and start small. I recommend starting with 5 gal. batches at first. This way you haven't lost to much if you ruin a batch, and it will happen every now and then. Most recipes will be in this area of volume so it will be easy to find something to try.

Glass or plastic? Most kits will have a plastic bucket, remember this is food grade plastic. If you get a bucket from a restaurant any smells in that bucket will transfer to your brew! Non food grade plastics can also transfer bad tastes into your brew as well so make sure to use food grade plastics. As far as glass goes I would use glass carboys, the container that goes on a water cooler, they do very well.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize and sanitize! Your equipment needs to be very clean for brewing. If not you can kill your yeast culture or add unwanted tastes to your brew with dirty equipment.

This is as much as I can think of to start for now. We will expand on some of these things as we go, so keep checking back or leave any comments that can help us and others along the trail of becoming a better brewer.

I word to the wise, when brewing in your kitchen make sure that your wife knows what you are doing! Otherwise it can be a long sleep on the couch!


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