Friday, November 20, 2009


Took a reading of the double bock last night and it was around 1.020. (temp of brew was cool around 45-48 degrees) I looked up the yeast we used, Wyeast Bavarian Lager 2206, and see that it's attenuation is 75-77%. Our OG was 1.082. Gave the carboy one more good shake and will see what we get by Saturday. Looks like we will hit close to 6-7% ABV, if my math is correct. If not I am sure someone will correct me. Bottling time soon for this beer I think. We brewed this beer on Oct 3.

I have been looking at another brew using Amarillo hops. My friends over at have given me some great ideas. Now just to choose one and see. So give them a visit if you haven't already.

The more I do this stuff the more I enjoy it. I am very fascinated with how all this works.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still going...

Checked on the brews again this morning. The "blue moon" clone is still going strong.
The Sunday I checked the double bock and it seemed to have slowed down and I was getting ready to take a reading the next day. I decided to give the carboy a little shake to see what happens, well it went from a bubble every 30 seconds to a bubble every 5 - 10 seconds. So now we wait some more. The temps in the fridge have stayed in the lagering range the whole time. The ale is still sitting in the garage where the temps have been in the lower ale yeast ranges.

Speaking of temps I am starting the planning stages of building a fermentation cabinet. I have some ideas from others that I have seen and really liked. The first cabinet will be a two or more compartment cabinet. Put lagers on the bottom and ales on the top. Might as well use physics to our advantage here. I have a freezer that is going to be the cooling part, now to decide how to best use it in the design.

I am also wanting to have a work area attached to the cabinet. I am looking into yeast cultures and such. Would be nice if a table could slide out from the cabinet. Still thinking on that part.

Brent and I have also started discussing the build of a new kegerator.
As we think more on these projects we will post the plans and ideas.

Luckily Brent is pretty good at woodworking! Also we have plenty of friends that will help out cutting the build time down.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still going

I checked our double bock and it is still bubbling out of the airlock at about 1 bubble every 10 seconds. Still waiting!

Our second batch is bubbling real strong right now as well. I think it is turning out a little darker than planned. But we will see.

I am making plans to do a mead for my daughters wedding coming up in June of next year. Also might make one for a friends wedding in March. Just gotta find a good recipe and brew away!

One of our next projects is to build us a fermentation cabinet. We are hoping to be have a lagering part and one for ales. Just need to get some room for it and get it built. Have some ideas and will keep you posted on how that goes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Brew

Ok so back in Oct we brewed our first batch of beer. We went with a double bock kit from called "Procrastinator Bock". You can see pictures from that day here.

Things went really well on that brew and we are still waiting on it to finish fermenting. Starting gravity was 1.082 or about 10-11% ABV (estimated). We won't know what the result will be until it is done. As of last night the bock was still bubbling away in the airlock. We lagered this batch so it can take awhile to finish up.

We did a "mini-mash" with this kit and it was fun. We will probably do a full mash in the next couple of brews. Can't wait to do that!

This batch is around 5 gallons. Which will make around 48 - 52 12 ounces bottles of beer when done.

I put this batch in a secondary fermenter after 4 weeks in the primary. Kinda thought it wasn't going to take when we first pitched the yeast, took like 36 hours to see any signs of fermentation. Once it got going though it has been going strong ever since. The reading was around 1.040 when I put it in the secondary. The temp has been around 55 -45 degrees. (Need to build a better fermentation cabinet).

Will post how this brew turns out. Will also post on our second batch we just did last weekend on Nov 7, which was "National show your friends how to brew day".