Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still going...

Checked on the brews again this morning. The "blue moon" clone is still going strong.
The Sunday I checked the double bock and it seemed to have slowed down and I was getting ready to take a reading the next day. I decided to give the carboy a little shake to see what happens, well it went from a bubble every 30 seconds to a bubble every 5 - 10 seconds. So now we wait some more. The temps in the fridge have stayed in the lagering range the whole time. The ale is still sitting in the garage where the temps have been in the lower ale yeast ranges.

Speaking of temps I am starting the planning stages of building a fermentation cabinet. I have some ideas from others that I have seen and really liked. The first cabinet will be a two or more compartment cabinet. Put lagers on the bottom and ales on the top. Might as well use physics to our advantage here. I have a freezer that is going to be the cooling part, now to decide how to best use it in the design.

I am also wanting to have a work area attached to the cabinet. I am looking into yeast cultures and such. Would be nice if a table could slide out from the cabinet. Still thinking on that part.

Brent and I have also started discussing the build of a new kegerator.
As we think more on these projects we will post the plans and ideas.

Luckily Brent is pretty good at woodworking! Also we have plenty of friends that will help out cutting the build time down.

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