Saturday, December 5, 2009

45 Bottles

Well we bottled our Ale and got 45 bottles out of it. Really excited! Now just to wait 2 weeks for it to carbonate.

Found out that different bottles cap with different feels. We broke one bottle learning this!

Now we need to refine our bottling system. Shorter tube or just put the wort up higher.

Anyway great day!

Now comes the hard part.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ready to bottle

Well the ale is ready to bottle. I took a reading and it was 1.oo6. That puts this beer at 5.99% ABV. Nice color and taste.

I tested the double bock tonight and it is still at 1.020. With an OG of 1.085. This puts this beer at 8.52% ABV. Tastes pretty good too! It is ready to bottle as well.

So this weekend we will be bottling both batches.

I started my mead for my daughters wedding in July. It had an OG of 1.056. Going for a dry mead. It should be ready by then and even better as time goes by. It is fermenting nicely right now in the kitchen corner.

Now to decide what to brew next. I have found recipes for a Blue Moon clone and St Arnold's Texas Wheat. I am sure it will be the Texas wheat!

So we will keep you posted!!