Friday, February 12, 2010

Bottled our Doppel Bock in January. It turned out really well. Mine aren't as carbed as I would like, probably got to cold. Moved them into the house "closet cellar" and they got a little carbonation. My brother Brent got his to carb well, he kept them warmer the whole time. So next time I will keep them warmer until they are ready but they are still awesome brews.

These Doppel Bocks make a great winter beer. They will keep you warm that is for sure!

We plan on doing our wheat beer again soon. Going for a double or triple batch. That beer goes pretty quick!

We have a new Home Brew Club in the area starting up. We haven't picked a name yet but that will be decided this month. Lot of good guys and good brews.

If you haven't visited any forums for home brew try Home Brew Chatter. Lots of good info.

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