Friday, May 27, 2011

Brew Day on Saturday.

Yes the weekend is almost here and with that comes BREW DAY! We are very excited and can't wait.

We added some insulation to our keggles to help with heat retention. When we added the insulation to one keggle last brew day things moved along a little quicker which was nice. It will be really helpful this weekend as we are doing two recipes.

Our first recipe will be our Dunkelweizen. We tweaked the recipe a little. We added a little chocolate malt to darken and add a little roasted characteristics to the beer. This should help to balance out the sweetness. Our first go round of this beer didn't quite get to where we wanted to be. Our efficiency was down due to temps not keeping where they should have been. So we ended up making a great session beer!

Our second recipe will be our "6th St. Rockin' Wheat". This is one of our favorites and has been since we first brewed it. A little more tweaking ,or not, and this recipe will be perfect for those hot summer days.

We also have a project to build us a new fermentation cabinet. Brent got a great deal on a cooler from one the stores in town. It was a sandwich cooler with an open top, so we will build a cabinet to go on top. This will give us more control over our fermentation temps and more flexibility with our recipes. Soon lagering won't be an issue.

We will take some pictures and post them to our Facebook page.

This weekend please take some time from your schedule and remember those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Thank those that have served or are serving. God Bless America!

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