Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dunkelweizen kegged

The dunkelweizen is kegged and being carbed as we speak. It is a little lighter than we wanted. The taste and mouthfeel are not quite where we want them. So now we are adjusting the recipe adn brewing it again on Memorial Day weekend.

We are adding some chocolate malts and bumping up our base malts a little bit. Going after a little more of the chocolate, coffee taste. Also looking to darken it up a bit.

The yeast profile seemed to fit perfectly. Didn't notice any off flavors or smells. Which is always a good thing! So we will stick with the yeast we originally picked for this recipe.

So far so good for this recipe. A little tweaking and it will be good to go. Can't wait to brew it again!

Also on the next brew day we will be brewing our "Sixth St. Rocking Wheat". Love that beer!

Beer is what brought us together and beer is what we make.

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