Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well we just finished brewing our test Dunkelweizen. Really excited about this brew! This will give us our third beer in our line up so far.
We have a Belgian Wit, an American Wheat and now a Dunkelweizen. Yes we have a wheat beer line up and we will be expanding our line up soon. We hope to have 5 -6 beers in our line up by the end of the year. We will keep you up to date on what we are brewing.

Our efficiency wasn't as good as we had hoped for but that can be fixed. Can't wait to brew this beer again.

We got our grain bill from Homebrew Headquarters in Dallas, TX. Thes guys are super nice and really awesome. They had all the grains we needed on hand. Even had the hops we wanted as well. We will be using these guys again for sure.

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