Monday, August 15, 2011

Another brew day gone...

Well we brewed our Dunkelweizen and used a German yeast this go round. Brewed 15 gallons! Keggle had about as much wort in it as it could hold. No boil overs so that was good.

We converted an old keg into a fermenter and it has worked pretty good so far. Looking to do some more modifications and making it even better.

A few more days of bubbling and then some conditioning then off to bottle and keg. Can't wait!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Brew DAY!!!!

Brew day once again, FINALLY!!! We will be brewing this Saturday! Can't wait!

We will be brewing our Dunkelweizen again. This recipe is getting close to being where we want it. We first tried a Bavarian yeast not what we wanted. So this time we are trying a German yeast strain. This should give us what we are after.

We are looking to get things rolling a little faster, like brewing more often. This will mean a some work on our end , some cinstruction of fermentation cabinets and conical fermentors. Planning on attending events next year and hosting a few events as well. We will keep you posted.