Thursday, September 29, 2011

501st bottled

Well we got our 501st Dunkelweizen bottled. It should be ready to drink in the next couple of days. Pretty excited about this batch! We have a few bottles to let people sample if they want, just let us know as they will go fast. If you do sample our beers we would like honest feed back on it. We can only improve our beers with honest intelligent feed back. We are also looking at yeast washing. We have washed the yeast from this batch and hope to use it in the next batch we brew in Oct. We'll see how this goes! We are looking to increase our brew schedule in the next couple of months as well as hosting a few events. The next event coming up will be 'Learn to Homebrew Day' on November 5. We will keep you posted and informed as we get plans rolling and finalized. We will be working with the local homebrew club The Highplains Drafters. This is a great group of people and we are glad to be working with them! If you interested in homebrewing come to the meetings and have a great time! We also have a group called Amarillo Brew Society to help foster the craft beer culture here in the Texas Panhandle. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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