Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brew day coming up!!

We have another brew day coming up this Saturday! We will be brewing our 501st Dunkelweizen and our 6th St Rockin' Wheat. Can't wait!

 Our Dunkelweizen is pretty close to where we want it now. Just trying to get a little more balance to it, we think it is a little on the "sweet" side. Would we drink it as is? You're damn right we will!

 The reviews we have gotten on the dunkelweizen have been very positive with good feed back. It takes everyone by surprise so far with how dark it is. Then they take the first drink and the look on the their faces is priceless. It is like "WOW" it isn't thick like they thought it would be.

 We had a couple from Germany vacationing in Amarillo come by Jared's home and shared a beer with them. They are from the Munich area of Germany so they know a dunkel and really enjoyed the beer. They look forward to coming back and drinking more and seeing us grow. They talked about craft beer here in America and how things are changing in Europe in the beer scene there. They expressed excitement at having a craft brewery where they vacation often. Jared asked them why they came to Amarillo for vacation and they replied that the people are friendly and there were plenty of places to eat good food. With a brewery coming up they look forward to coming back even more.

 We have had requests for the 6th St Rockin' Wheat so we are brewing it again this weekend as well. This beer people really enjoy and always ask for more. It seems we can't keep enough on hand. It seems we can't keep any beer we brew for long!

 It is going to be a long day of brewing but well worth it! When you do something you enjoy doing it is easy and enjoyable.

 As far as the brewery part is going we start some paper work this week. We are very excited to get this part going. It can be the most intimidating and time consuming part as well, but something that has to be done. Once this is done things will get much easier.


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