Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day. A day to remember that we need to take care of our resources and leave a better planet for future generations. More and more breweries are going "green" and LWS is doing what we can to conserve our resources.

We recycle water for brewing and cleaning. We have a huge 300 gallon tank that we run our chill water into. The water is filtered, ran through the chiller and then into the tank. During a long brew day that water will be ran through a filter again and into the hot liquor tank for the next brew. Remaining water is used for cleaning. We also use a power washer that uses about 1 gallon per minute to wash things down with.

When the brew day is done there is always the spent grains to deal with. In keeping with being "green" we donate that grain to local farmers and people to use as feed or compost in their gardens. It is a better use than dumping it in the landfill.

We have very little material that goes into the actual trash bin. We try to recycle as much as possible.

As we grow our plans to be a "green" brewery will grow as well. These will include solar and wind power generation. Recycling as much of our water and waste on site as possible. It takes planning and following through but it is so worth it!

So when you enjoy your next beer remember that by taking care of our planet we can continue to have quality brews.


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