Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brewing Beer It's Upside

A recent article in the Dallas Observer about the ups and downs of running a brewery is a great read for those interested in brewing, whether it be on a home scale or a larger scale. We can relate to many if not all of what was said in the article. In this post we will focus on the upsides for us and then in another past the downside.

So here we go with what we consider the upsides!

  • We enjoy the science of brewing beer. So much to learn and do!
  • We enjoy the complexity and simplicity of the recipes. It is amazing at what grains, yeast, hops,, and water can do.
  • We love the smells from brew day and fermentation.
  • We find that each beer has a great history to it.
  • There is so many different styles to try.
  • The joy of making something that is great and done with our hard work.
  • The best part is we enjoy seeing people enjoy our beer!
It doesn't get much better than that last statement, just seeing others enjoy what we have brewed is the most rewarding of them all. Seeing people drink our beer and having a great time is awesome!

Here's to local craft beer! Prost!

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