Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quality in Craft Beer.

An article in Brew York - 5 Things We Learned At This Year's Great American Beer Festival  stated something that we strive for every time we brew, QUALITY. Honestly I think that should have been number 1 on their list.

The article states how quality will affect the craft beer industry. It also says that it seems there are those brewers who really don't care about quality. As Paul Gatza, the Brewers Association director, stated : " “many of you have devoted your lives to this industry. Don’t fuck it up!”.  A simple statement and one that we work hard at. We work hard to keep quality in our beers and it shows. 

As a brewer I work hard to achieve two things when I brew. First is consistency. Second is quality. These two things go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other, well you can have consistently bad beer. Having consistently quality beer is a work of love and dedication. It is attention to detail and processes. Taking notes, researching, tasting and smelling the products along the way to becoming beer. Taking pride in what you do.

Finally it comes down to this: cleaning. I clean and sanitize everything that comes in contact with the beer. I spend more time cleaning than brewing. Clean, clean , and clean some more.

Here's to quality craft beer!

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