Monday, December 8, 2014

The People's Peaberry Porter

Well we have an exciting new beer to offer! The People's Peaberry Porter! LWS Brewing teamed up with our friends at Evocation Coffee Roasters to make a unique coffee porter. What we came up with is very unique and awesome beer.

 The beer from LWS brewing is one we brewed for the Amarillo Craft 2014 event back in September. It is a "traditional" porter, made with 2-row, Brown Malt, Marris Otter and a touch of chocolate malt. The hops used are Fuggles and East Kent Goldings. A very tasty brew with hints toffee, chocolate and some coffee.

The coffee supplied by Evocation Coffee is a Kenya Kiruga. It is a Peaberry coffee from Othaya farmers Cooperative, Nyeri County , Kenya. This has notes of bubble gum, blackberry and cherry. It pairs so well with the porter. The aromas come through in the beer nicely. This coffee was cold brewed so as not to pull out any of the oils.
So when can you get to taste this beer? Glad you asked! We have teamed up with Palace Coffee Amarillo to hold an event this Saturday, December 13, from 6pm to 8pm. We have 12 gallons of this delicious People's Peaberry Porter. So get there early!

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